Friday, March 31, 2006

What to do?

My thoughts on Leopoldl's future are as clear as mud - I cannot speak for my husband’s opinions as he is still preoccupied with town affairs. When I sat down to extemporise on a figured bass, I realised that I had played for an hour without hearing a single note and it was only when I stopped that I could examine my heart.
The pain of separation from the child is, I believe, a small sacrifice to pay for what will be the greatest gift to Papa. I have been warned that under no circumstances am I to breathe a word of Leopoldl’s whereabouts to Wolfie or he, my father, will be asked to do the same for my brother’s expanding brood! This is Papa’s choice to care for Leopoldl and he does NOT wish to explain HIS decision to either his son or to that woman and THAT is the END of the matter.
So, it is agreed. Leopoldl is to become a second Wolfie. Oh, the bliss of no longer feeling like a stuffed codshead trapped in a quagmire. I polished off a perfect rendition of my figured bass and imagined how Papa would be pleased. N.


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