Saturday, April 15, 2006

An Observation

The art of the successful salon depends on the exchange of abundant praise and a smidgeon of criticism. I have never met a human being who was undone by this discrepancy, nor an event. It is the etiquette of the salonniere, the basis of a bel esprit and the very core of our little café of Saint Gilgen. 'Encore! Bravissima! Let there be more coffee and cake.' Madama Sonnenburg.


Blogger Dodo said...

Dearest N
Forgive me: it has taken me a while to read about the success of your soiree. I couldn't agree more regarding the need to balance praise with criticism. Most of us don't have the heart and stamina to accept negative after negative comment with equilibrium. 'Biff and pat' - as the saying goes - with more pat than biff!
So pleased it all went well!

9:36 AM  
Blogger Nannerl said...

My Dear Dodo,
Your praise is a perfect demonstration of my hypothesis!
Yours, Nan

2:55 PM  

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