Saturday, January 21, 2006

Some Huffing and Puffing

I have had a black dress made for concerts at the palace, which cost the best part of seventy gulden. I was hoping until yesterday that the Archbishop would feel obliged to pay for it, but he and Wolfie are in Vienna as I write and Wolfie is reluctant to return to Salzburg with His Grace. This is the gist of their latest spat:
‘Be off with you, you scoundrel, you vagabond, you insolent rascal, THERE is the door! I will have nothing more to do with you.’ That was the archbishop.
‘Nor I with you.’ That was Wolfie.
‘Are you threatening me?’ The archbishop.
‘You will have my letter of resignation tomorrow.’ Wolfie.
As my darling brother was unwilling to return to S. and is now deprived of lodgings with His Holiness, he has moved in with the Weber family. What to think? N.


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