Monday, January 09, 2006

My Dressing table

Before I can begin a new composition, I must clean my room, which is a mess... I have therefore resolved to keep my personal possessions in some order and out of reach of Miss Pimperl, the dog. After making this grand resolution, I play with the items on my dressing table - a small, silk tape measure that I wind on its bobbin, a fan that I fold and place on top of an embroidered, satin shawl. I remove the clay rollers for heating my curls. They used to lie next to my glass of cordial but as I keep singeing the back of my head, I have hidden all six of them in the second bottom drawer. To the right of my tape measure, I have placed a wooden hand mirror, a papier mache dish for earrings, a pair of silver tweezers in a red leather case and a miniature watercolour brooch of Mama, painted on ivory. It is not a very good likeness but it is all I have. There is just enough room left for a patch box containing a set of black taffeta patches, which I have yet to use - oh, and a roll of manuscript paper, a fresh quill, an ink pot and a small bag of rose leaves to improve my spirits. I am now a new woman. Beware. N.


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