Friday, January 13, 2006

Archbishop's Heaven

At last! Wolfie has returned to Salzburg a wildly enthusiastic chatterbox. People call you a chatterbox when they DON'T want to hear what you have to say, but I find I always WANT to listen to my brother.

His Grace, the Archbishop is agreed that Wolfie will replace our dear, departed Adlgasser as court organist. His sudden death, mid chord, so to speak, is a strange blessing since Wolfie is the finest player in Europe.

The pity is he hates the archbishop and Salzburg in equal parts. What to do? Swallow his misery for a short while and stay here to comfort Papa? Why yes. Our father is even MORE distressed than Wolfie because his good friend, Lorenz Hagenauer has also died unexpectedly. The Lord has received three in one year - I will now pray for Mama, Adlgasser and Herr Hagenauer. There is never a good time for those you love to die. Back to my opera:

'Out damned spot! Out I say.' N.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Indeed, dearest Sister, to lose our loved ones is a harsh fact of life, but we can console ourselves with knowing that one day, God willing, we shall all be together again.

Until the happy day that you and I are once again playing four-handed at our rickety old Spaeth, I pray that you are well and I kiss your hands thousands of times!

Your devoted Brother,

12:42 AM  

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