Saturday, November 19, 2005

My Humdrummical List

1) Write a chatty letter to my Great Aunt in Augsburg.
2) Clean out the canary’s cage.
3) Practise Wolfie’s two new sonatas and play both to the archbishop.
4) Arrange Herr Hofmann’s next violin lesson with Papa.
5) Compose another song.
6) Inform Herr Hofmann that I am his devoted slave.
7). Take confession after mass.
8) Do not shout at the new maid because I feel like it.
9) Eat fresh trout for supper but not so much that there are disastrous consequences.
10) Tell Papa I am writing to Mama to let her know the new maid is very pretty in HIS opinion.
11) Tell Papa that I was only pretending about this in order to give him a decent fright.
12) Go to bed with my bonnet on to keep my head warm.
13) Learn ten French words before I fall sleep. (What is smallpox in French?)
14) Dream. N.


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