Sunday, November 20, 2005

A Lesson to Chew On

I have discovered what is smallpox in French: la petite verole - such a pretty name for an ugly disease.

I also have learnt that a French audience will take their dog to a concert and if there is a loud bang on the drums, Monsieur Frog claps with so much enthusiasm, it is difficult to hear what follows. This may or may not be a problem but what if the dog decides to bark?
‘Surprise them all, Wolfie,’ I say in a letter post haste, ‘and when you are settled in your lodgings and musing on your next symphony, write in a bang or two. I would like to go to Paris and wear a lace cap with my Bolognese gown when your opera is performed for the King and Queen of France. Expect me soon I hope. Tell Mama I will take Miss Pimperl with me for the ride.’
‘In your dreams,’ said Papa, when I told him of my plan on our way to Holy Trinity. ‘In your dreams, my dear,’ he repeated, to make sure I had heard. ‘For what should I do here in Salzburg without you?’
‘Not a lot,’ I replied. N.


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