Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Salzburg, 24th November, 1777

Mama and Papa are in heaven but where are you Jack Pudding? Vienna might as well be the other side of the world... The following letter was copied out twice into my diary because the tears kept spilling onto the ink - as if they were trying to dissolve a memory.
Dear Wolfgango Amadeo,
My reply to yours of the 15th will be short for I have written at length to Mama and you may read THAT for gossip. Papa says about the German opera you mentioned to him a month ago, who composed it, who sang it, what did you think of it? And last week’s concert? Who whistled it? Who blew it? Not a peep in the post, my fine friend but old Pimperl wags her tail. Heigh-ho. The Andante is very fine and I look forward to the rondo with the downward scales prestissimo because I can PLAY them as you know-ho!
Kissie-kissies from Katherina Gilowska, Barbara Eberlin, (not all of Salzburg), and from your naturally vile sister, Nanny-kin!


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