Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Franz Xaver Mozart

Franz Xaver - Wolfie's child and my nephew, has paid a visit. He is a professor of music in Lemburg and a composer but I have not heard any of his compositions. Reminds me of Jack Pudding – the way he talks -very fast - the shape of HIS forehead - wide - HIS gestures - restless - and HIS scent - the faint, sweet musk that remains when he has gone. We talk in waves. He insists he has learnt more about his father from his old auntie than from anyone he has known before, including his mother whose apartment I can just see from a corner of my window. I ask him to visit Leopold in Innsbruck before he returns home - telling him many times they are more like brothers than cousins. Feel very close and share a sense of melancholy. N.


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