Friday, March 03, 2006

Too Late

Papa kissed me good night and said with a voice full of emotion:

‘If I could make you, my dear child, just reflect for a moment when you are in full heat, it would make you the happiest woman on earth. But nothing comes in advance, except in the matter of your talents. You understand theoretical ideas with ease. And yet you cannot fathom the people who surround you? You open your heart to flatterers who want to use you for your own ends – and when suitors are involved in this vulgar offence, IF you do not resist their wiliness, you will regret it to your dying day.’

I took his hand in mine and told him I was no longer a child and that he was not to worry. For a moment, I thought HE THOUGHT that I was Wolfie...N.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hallo i would like to know if there is also an italian version of "MOZART'S SISTER-A DIARY"
thank you best reguards


4:43 PM  
Blogger Nannerl said...

There is no Italian translation but i would love one one! A.M.Bauld for Nannerl

8:37 PM  

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